M.P. Nater Congratulates the Town of St. Marys on Water and Wastewater Funding

For Immediate Release

Perth—Wellington, ON – The Town of St. Marys will receive $303,500 in federal funding from the Canada-Ontario Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF).

“It is encouraging to know that the residents of St. Marys will benefit from this much-needed funding” said M.P. Nater upon receiving the news from Infrastructure Canada. He added: “Water and wastewater infrastructure projects remain a priority for many communities across Perth—Wellington. This is an issue I have repeatedly highlighted to the Government since being elected.”

However, M.P. Nater was critical of the timing of the announcement, “It is unfortunate that water and wastewater infrastructure funding continues to be slow and disorganized. The start date for the three projects was February 1st, yet the funding was not announced until July 20th. This funding should have been announced along with the previous CWWF funding, which was released earlier this year.”

“On behalf of the Town of St. Marys and Council, I would like to thank the federal and provincial governments for its investment in our local infrastructure,” said Mayor Strathdee. “This funding will help us ensure that our water and waste water systems are clean, safe and reliable now and in the future.”
Under the CWWF the Federal Government will provide 50 percent of the anticipated cost of local water and wastewater infrastructure projects.
Approved Projects for St. Marys:

  • $153,500 to replace existing Standby-Power Unit at Wastewater Treatment Plant to meet Facility Requirements. Start Date: February 1, 2017
  •  $115,000 to design/engineering of Future Capital Works at Wastewater Treatment Plant. Start Date: February 1, 2017
  •  $35,000 to replace existing Standby-Power unit at Queen Street East Sanitary Pumping Station. Start Date: February 1, 2017


Media Contact

Matthew Rae

Office of John Nater, M.P.