Below are messages from the City of Stratford and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 8 Stratford.

These messages are also available on the City of Stratford Website.

I agree with these statements and strongly urge all residents to follow public health guidelines.



The City of Stratford urges all citizens to avoid the public gathering planned for Sunday afternoon.

That event, if it proceeds, would contravene the Ontario government’s Stay-at-Home order, and could increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our community.

Citizens have worked extremely hard and have made significant sacrifices over the past year to limit that risk, and we ask that you continue to be vigilant.

We understand from organizers that the planned public gathering is to include a march to the Stratford Cenotaph.

The City of Stratford supports The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 8 Stratford, which issued the following statement in response to the planned march:

An open letter to our citizens,

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 8 Stratford has served our community for 95 years, and enjoys excellent support from its many members, as well as the citizens of Stratford and area.

The Stratford Cenotaph on Veterans’ Drive is considered to be the most important memorial in this city. It is a sacred precinct which commemorates the sacrifice and memory of our war dead. Most of the names inscribed on it did not come home from war. It carries the sanctity of a cemetery, and is treated by us with silence and respect at all times.

The intention of the anti-lockdown rally to use our sacred memorial on Sunday as a platform for political statement is totally unacceptable. The Royal Canadian Legion as a non-political organization remains loyal to the government and opposed to all forms of civil disobedience.

On behalf of all the members of our Branch who stand united on this issue,

Dale Bast
RCL Branch 8 Stratford