Pre-Election Budget Fails the People of Perth—Wellington

For Immediate Release

Ottawa – John Nater, Member of Parliament for Perth—Wellington called today’s federal budget a failure for the people of Perth—Wellington.

“Federal budgets have the opportunity to make life better for Canadians. Unfortunately, this budget is little more than a document of distractions introduced by a scandal-plagued government” said M.P. Nater shortly after the House of Commons adjourned.

“I regularly hear from my constituents about how they feel squeezed by high taxes and the increasing cost of living. Families might be getting by, but they are not getting ahead” said Nater. “That’s why a Conservative Government would take concrete action to put money back in the pockets of all Canadians by removing the GST from home heating” Nater stated.

Nater went on to highlight the Liberal Government’s failure to balance the budget. “In 2015 the Liberals promised Canadians the budget would be balanced this year. They failed to make that happen. In fact, far from being balanced as promised, Budget 2019 has a deficit of $19.8 Billion for the coming fiscal year” said Nater.

The failure to balance the budget means the cost of servicing the debt will continue to increase. Budget 2019 includes Public Debt Charges of $26.2 Billion in 2019-2020 with growth in debt payments expected to reach $33.2 Billion in 2023-24. That is $7 billion in additional debt charges. “That is money being paid to wealthy bondholders rather than being invested in the needs and priorities of Canadians,” said Nater.

Nater addressed the Liberal failure to invest in rural infrastructure. “The Liberal Government was elected on a platform of small, temporary deficits to finance infrastructure investments. But after three and a half years of this Liberal Government we have seen no meaningful infrastructure investments despite ever-ballooning deficits” Nater said. “I will continue to advocate on behalf of the nine municipalities and two counties within Perth—Wellington to ensure they receive their fair share of infrastructure funding that has been announced in past budgets but remains undelivered.”

Agriculture remains the backbone of our local economy in Perth and Wellington Counties. However, Budget 2019 fails to recognize its opportunity for growth. “While some funding was announced for compensation for supply-managed farmers impacted by CETA and the TPP, the budget was silent on fixing the shortcomings of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, addressing the concerns over the suite of business risk management programs, solving ongoing export problems, or addressing issues caused by crop damage or livestock loss.

“Since the day I was elected, I have prioritized the need for reliable, high-speed internet. Yet today’s budget failed to even acknowledge that local internet service providers have been waiting since Fall 2016 to hear the results from the Connect to Innovate Program” said Nater. “Today’s announcement of targets for high-speed internet by 2030 has no basis in reality given the Liberal track record” Nater added.

Nater concluded by saying “This budget was a clearly-designed effort to buy the votes of Canadians in the next election with their own money. My priority will always be the hard-working people of Perth—Wellington. I will continue to advocate for the needs, interests and priorities of our communities.”



Keith Mitchell
Legislative Assistant