M.P. Nater Welcomes Perth—Wellington’s Daughter of the Vote

For Immediate Release

Ottawa – Today Perth—Wellington M.P. John Nater welcomed Andrea Strathdee of St. Marys to Parliament as Perth—Wellington’s representative in the “Daughters of the Vote” event.
In recognition of International Women’s Day, 338 young women representing each electoral district in Canada were selected sit in their Member’s seat in the House of Commons.
From inside the House of Commons chamber, Strathdee was one of the representatives who received an opportunity to give a speech on the important issues facing her riding. Strathdee chose to speak on the struggles of rural municipalities in maintaining vital infrastructure.

In addition to the speeches, Strathdee and the other representatives listened to a keynote address by Canada’s first female Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Kim Campbell and heard statement from all five party leaders.

“It is great so see so many young women interested in federal politics” said M.P. Nater. “Canada has been progressing slowly when it comes to improving women’s participation in politics. It is important young women are encouraged to run for office. Hopefully by hearing from Canada’s first female Prime Minister, these young women will be inspired to become Members of Parliament, and one day Prime Minister.”

After the speeches Strathdee said “Meeting inspiring women from across the country with so many diverse backgrounds and perspectives has taught me so much about the importance of female representation in parliament, and my duty to engage and inspire other women to run in elections.”
Ms. Strathdee was raised in St. Marys and is currently studying Public Affairs and Policy Management at Carleton University in Ottawa at the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs.
Daughters of the Vote is organized by Equal Voice Canada.


Keith Mitchell