M.P. Nater Submits Jobs Tour Report to Government Ministers

For Immediate Release

Ottawa – Today Perth—Wellington Member of Parliament John Nater submitted a report on his 2016 Summer Jobs Tour to the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, and the Minister of Small Business and Tourism.

The report shares the concerns and recommendations of employees, small business owners, municipal councillors, and community group representatives who gathered during MP Nater’s roundtable discussions.

The report covers a wide variety of topics including: labour shortages in specific industries, the strengths and weaknesses of the 2016 Canada Summer Jobs program, transportation and infrastructure, the aging workforce, and changes and developments in the agricultural sector.

After sending the report to the three Ministers M.P. Nater stated; “I was very pleased with the success of the Jobs Tour. However, there are many concerns about the future of our small communities in Perth—Wellington. The Federal Government must make decisions which will allow our small businesses to prosper by addressing the issues raised in this report. I expect the Ministers to consider this information and these ideas when drafting the 2017 Budget, making policy decisions, and modifying federal programs in the future.”


Briefing on the Canada Summer Jobs program and the status of the economy in Perth-Wellington

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