M.P. Nater Introduces Bill to Protect Vulnerable Canadians

For Immediate Release

Ottawa, ON – John Nater, Member of Parliament for Perth—Wellington introduced Bill C-424 in the House of Commons to better protect young people and Canadians living with disabilities from Sexual Exploitation.

“This Bill addresses the very real concern of the people of Perth—Wellington; particularly those in Stratford. Our community was angered when we learned last year that an individual who was employed to work with children and people living with disabilities was found to have sexually exploited a person with a disability” said M.P. Nater.

Photo Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photographic Services ©HoC-CdC

Bill C-424 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (sexual exploitation) proposes to better protect Canadians living with disabilities from becoming victims of sexual crimes by introducing a requirement that the courts consider if the victim has a mental or physical disability as an aggravating circumstance when sentencing those found guilty of Section 286.1 (1) Obtaining sexual services for consideration or Section 286.1 (2) Obtaining sexual services for consideration for person under 18 years.

This Bill further proposes to amend the Criminal Code by increasing the range of sentences available for courts to impose on individuals found guilty of Section 153 (1) Sexual exploitation and Section 153.1 (1) Sexual exploitation of a person with disability.

“In short, this bill will provide stricter sentences for those who take advantage of the most vulnerable of Canadians: young people and persons with disabilities.” said M.P. Nater.

Bill C-424 was the first Bill introduced in the temporary House of Commons, located in the West Block building, while the regular Chamber in Centre Block is closed for renovation for approximately 10 years.


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Keith Mitchell
Office of John Nater, M.P.