M.P. Nater Disappointed as Perth County is Denied Immigration Funding

For immediate release:

Perth County ON – John Nater, Member of Parliament for Perth—Wellington is disappointed Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has denied Perth County’s application
for funding to create a Local Immigration Partnership (LIP).

The Perth County LIP Initiative would have taken on the role as an entry point for services, resources and employment for newcomers to our rural communities.

MP Nater visits and ESL class in Stratford – June 2019

“Employers and municipalities in Perth County recognize the need for newcomers to ease the local labour shortage. Sustainable, full-time settlement services are necessary in order to achieve this goal.” said M.P. Nater. “Newcomer Settlement Huron Perth’s 2018-2020 Strategic Plan clearly shows the work which has been done and the progress that has already been made towards developing a Local Immigration Partnership Initiative.”


Perth County Warden and West Perth Mayor Walter McKenzie said “we are disappointed that Perth County did not receive this funding. Given the persistent low unemployment rate in our
region, the funding would have helped us execute programming to assist the business community. We will continue to work with our local community partners to deliver creative
solutions to attract and retain the labour force throughout the county.”

“While it is unfortunate Perth County will need to move forward without this assistance from the federal government, I remain optimistic thanks to the many partners in our communities who are continuing to make Perth County and southwestern Ontario welcoming to newcomers and future Canadians.” Said MP Nater, “I would also like to personally commend all of the great work done by Perth County’s Economic Development team in the pursuit of these goals.”

“This was an excellent proposal and the Government made a mistake in rejecting this application. Given the needs in our region there was no good reason for IRCC to deny Perth
County this funding.”