Liberal Budget Out of Balance, Out of Touch with Perth—Wellington

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA—Today, John Nater, Member of Parliament for Perth—Wellington made the following comment on the Liberal Government’s 2016-17 Federal Budget:

“After promising to limit their deficits to no more than $10 billion annually, I am disappointed that the deficit has already ballooned to nearly $30 billion,” said Nater. He added, “During the federal election campaign, the Liberal Party promised they would return to fiscal balance by 2019. However, the Liberals’ own figures now show that there is no plan to return to balanced budgets within the next five years.”

The projections provided by Liberal Finance Minister, Bill Morneau indicate that over $113 billion will be added to the national debt over the next five years. “This is saddling our children with the costs of this government’s reckless spending,” said Nater.

At the same time, families are being hit with higher taxes through the cancellation of Income Splitting for Families, the Children’s Fitness and Arts Tax Credits and the Education and Textbook Tax Credits. “These were programs that helped hard-working families make ends meet,” said Nater. He continued, “The cancellation of these programs has the effect of raising taxes on families by as much as $2,000 annually.”

Nater was also disappointed by the lack of concrete measures to support transportation options for rural communities. He stated, “Rather than addressing the problem, the Liberals are simply throwing money at more studies and consultant reports.”

In the 269-page budget document, there was barely any mention of new support for Canadian farmers. “While I was pleased that the Liberal Government continued the Growing Forward 2 program that was introduced under the former Conservative Government, I am disappointed that the Liberals have not addressed emerging concerns, including those related to expanded market access. In fact, the only new support for agriculture is funding for Ottawa bureaucrats.”

Nater concluded by saying: “As I have said since I was elected, I am willing to work with the government cooperatively and collaboratively on matters that benefit the people of Perth—Wellington. However, this budget does not address the real concerns of families in our community. My priority will always be to fight on behalf of the hardworking families and taxpayers in Perth—Wellington.”


Contact: Keith Mitchell
Legislative Assistant
Office: 613-996-6124