An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

The Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Congratulations on securing a minority government in Canada’s 43rd general election. I look forward to working cooperatively with you in Parliament on issues of shared concern in the coming months. However, as a member of her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, I will not hesitate to hold you and your government to account.

Over the course of this campaign I have heard from thousands of constituents in Perth—Wellington. Affordability continues to be a paramount concern as many here are getting by but are not getting ahead. Tackling the cost of living will continue to be a priority for me, and I will be focusing on the issues affecting families in my riding.

There are still shovel-ready rural infrastructure projects in Perth—Wellington approved at the provincial level, but which are still awaiting approval for funding at the federal level. These projects range from water and wastewater projects, to bridges and roads, as well as rural-broadband internet, an issue which your government has dragged its feet in addressing. In 2019 businesses need high-speed internet to be competitive locally, nationally and internationally.

Agriculture continues to make up the backbone of our local economy, and an industry poised to continue growing. A strong industry should be supported by effective international trade, securing proper market access internationally and within Canada and having the proper tools to support farmers and farm families which includes safety nets such as strong business risk management programs.

Canadians everywhere try to live within their means, according to their household budgets. Government should be no different. You must put Canada back on the path to a balanced budget. Canadians realize our fiscal house must be in order to ensure a strong economy which will support the critical health and social programs on which we all rely. The greatest threat to their continuity is your government’s continued failure to reign in the debt.

Rural communities across Canada, like those in Perth—Wellington, rely on immigration to address gaps in employment, and grow local businesses and their communities. Your government had no good reason to deny funding to Perth County’s Local Immigration Partnership initiative. You must be willing to work with communities in Perth and Wellington Counties on issues related to immigration.

Transportation and housing are irrevocably connected and local communities need a strong federal partner when it comes to rural transit and affordability. It is important your government looks to tackle these issues through a rural lens.

Finally, your government must put forward a real plan to fight climate change which does not involve taxing Canadians and a plan which does not give a pass to the country’s biggest emitters and leave every day Canadians footing most of the bill.


John Nater, M.P.